Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact

Women leaders face many challenges in today’s world.  They are often part of outdated, biased, parochial systems.  Occasionally they have to prove themselves above and beyond what male leaders do.  When they first take on leadership roles, they sometimes must battle an “imposter syndrome,” wondering if they have what it takes to succeed in these roles.  And they often don’t make progress fast enough to suit their peers and/or organizations.

The truth is, many models of leadership, especially where women are concerned, are outdated.  You must redefine how you see and apply leadership as a woman.  You must use new leadership principles and practices.  You must strive for new goals and achieve new results. You must step into your personal power so you can truly influence others and create the impact you desire.

Given the right opportunity, you can gain new insights, learn new skills, be more decisive and take new actions that will transform your personal and professional life for the better.  You can shift from having a glimpse of your personal power and your leadership potential to fully embodying it and living from it every day.

We are bringing together like-minded women from different countries and backgrounds for Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact this September.  When you participate in this program, you will learn with, share with and work with other powerful women to envision and create a better world together!

Time spent with Athena moved me light years ahead in my leadership. I had insights about myself, my blind spots and what the bigger picture. I left with a solid action plan.
— Vice President, Adobe

About Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact

This program is your opportunity to fully embody your leadership – to own it and express it – in a mindful, integrated, powerful way.  You’ll convene and co-create with other women to fully explore how you can be more decisive in all areas of your life and achieve results you may not have thought were possible!


With that in mind, during this event you’ll:

  • Learn new definitions of influence and power that reflect how women leaders see the world so that you can lead from your authentic self to create new results

  • Explore your relationship to influencing others and being powerful; Determine your areas of strength and potential blind spots that may be holding you back

  • Identify the specific situations where you lose your ability to influence others and somehow “unplug” from your personal power during times of stress, pressure and drama

  • Gain new strategies and tools to move beyond “imposter syndrome” where you feel like you don’t really belong in leadership so you can fully influence others effectively

  • Learn a series of leadership embodiment practices to fully occupy your personal power, influence others effectively and create your leadership vision more easily

  • Determine new ways to harness the power of your emotions to fuel your vision and commitments rather than hold you back  

  • Leave the program with a clear 30-day Action Plan to implement what you have learned 


How Is the Program Structured?

This is a comprehensive program structured to help you integrate the learnings quickly so you can fully embody your leadership in all areas of your life.  The curriculum is based on a series of best practices that we have cultivated over more than 20 years working with women leaders around the world.



What Is Different About This Program?

Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact is quite different from most other leadership development programs.  Our philosophies and practices are based on more than 20 years working with women leaders globally, and we’ve designed this program to help women learn specific ways to assume and apply their personal power.  Whatever your background and experience, you are welcome to participate.

Tapping into your personal power and leadership is not just based in your mind; it’s based in your body.  This is a focus we take that other leadership organizations don’t. Among the other particular elements that make this program different are the following:

  • You will learn leadership embodiment practices so you can fully inhabit your personal power to be more present, influential and impactful as a woman leader

  • You will experience profound change with our unique mind-body approach that draws from whole body learning, mindfulness, neurobiology and neuroscience

  • You will learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body and the rich landscape of your emotions to fuel your vision, desires and goals as a leader

  • You will receive group coaching as well as your own executive coaching session, so you get a customized experience and are able to fully integrate your learning

  • You will be part of a community of women leaders before, during and after the program, to support you in stepping into your full leadership potential

I was at a juncture in my career where I either needed to step up or step out. Athena was able to help me create a compelling vision, solid strategy and a way forward. I am grateful for her guidance and excellent coaching.
— Managing Director, Charles Schwab

Why Is This Important Now?

Our world is changing rapidly.  The leadership we have in place is no longer suited to achieve what so many of us want for our world.  People are being called to create change within ourselves, our communities and our organizations.

So many women have had influence and power misused on them, which has had extremely harmful effects on themselves and the people in their lives.  Capable, caring, empowered women leaders are needed worldwide, now more than ever.

As our world faces myriad challenges, you as a woman are being called to help foster vital change initiatives, to lead us into an exciting, prosperous future for our communities, our organizations and our planet.  Your leadership viewpoints and ideas are the ones that will create global change.

That’s right, you are being called to lead the world.  You are being called to cultivate and initiate your personal power and leadership in the most effective, expansive way possible – so that you can make the biggest difference possible in the world.


What Is It Really Like in Our Program?

In the company of a small group of powerful, passionate, purpose-driven women in a beautiful, nurturing oceanside space in Newport Beach, California, you will:

  • Tap into your personal power and leadership

  • Build your influence and impact

  • Make things happen in your personal and professional life

  • Achieve incredible results for your businesses and organizations

  • Create a massive impact that will honor the collective good

  • Become a part of a community of women leaders committed to transforming our world

During this program, you’ll learn how to keep your commitments, how to be at choice rather than at effect, how to manage pressure and change skillfully, and how to stand in your truth.  You’ll leave the event with clarity and energy so you can bring your power back to your organization and your communities and fully express your newfound leadership in the world!

This unmissable event was specifically designed for women like you who are committed to their learning and growth; who want to make important shifts and produce new results in their lives; who want to transform how they view leadership and how they apply it; and who want to be the change they want to see in the world.

Each of Uplevel DNA’s programs have helped me tremendously as a woman leader. The practices Athena teaches have shifted how I approach every interaction with my colleagues and senior leaders. I am now a stronger influencer and able to progress my ideas and projects more easily!
— Senior Director, Cisco

When and Where Will This Program Be Held?

From September 13-15, 2019, we’ll spend three days and two nights at the fabulous Lido House in Newport Beach, California.  Designed with style and a definitive beach-house vibe, Lido House is Newport Beach’s favorite guest house for locals and visitors.  The hotel’s design and iconic architecture celebrate Newport Beach’s Cape Cod aesthetic with elegant twists on a variety of nautical themes.

The Lido area of Newport Beach has a rich history that began when Hollywood’s stars made this area their preferred getaway and home away from home.  It references a time when boating and waterfront life were only accessible to the rich and famous, but now it’s here for all to enjoy. Lido House aesthetically honors this sophisticated past while maintaining a modern appeal.

Featuring stylish guest rooms and cottages, the rooms at Lido House pay homage to the unique ambiance and coastal lifestyle of the community’s surrounding areas.  All accommodations offer the promise of an authentic beach-house experience. As a participant in this event, you have the choice to stay in a guest room or a private cottage.

Lido House offers an array of services and amenities designed to delight, inspire and connect you with all Newport Beach has to offer.  Below are some of the wonderful amenities that will be available to you at and near this venue during your event:

  • Outdoor pool

  • Coffee house

  • Roof deck

  • Fitness center

  • Pub and kitchen

  • Spa treatments and massage

  • A short walk to the beach

  • Shopping venues nearby


What Your Program Includes

This program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for women of all backgrounds to come together in a single event to learn, share and build an individual and collective leadership vision.

The program will include all of the following:

  • Transformational weekend workshop starting Friday evening at 6.00pm and ending Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm

  • Welcome dinner on Friday to meet other participants and network

  • Group coaching calls before and after the event

  • Group coaching session during the event

  • One-on-one Executive Coaching session with Athena (lead facilitator) after the event

  • Personalized Leadership Map and Action Plan

  • Daily contemplative practices including mindfulness and yoga

  • Delicious, nourishing vegan food and juices to sustain you throughout the weekend


What Your Program Does Not Included

Transportation and accommodation for this event are not included.  Among the elements for which you will be responsible are the following:

  • Accommodation at the Lido House where you can book your own guest room or private cottage

  • Round-trip airfare from/to home (you can fly into John Wayne Airport or LAX)

  • Transportation from/to airport

  • Spa services and other unpaid hotel amenities

  • Shopping excursions

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

About Athena


Athena Williams, CEO of Uplevel DNA, will be the lead facilitator and executive coach for this program.  She brings passion and commitment to leadership development and coaching, with over 20 years of experience working with women leaders of all ages and backgrounds worldwide.

Her expertise spans leadership development, employee development, large-scale organizational change, culture, change, employee engagement, talent management, and collaborative innovation.  She has developed and directed a variety of programs in multiple countries covering leadership resilience, personal resilience, leadership development, strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, leading change, solution-focused coaching, building high performing teams, working across generations, working across cultures, and managing a diverse workforce.

Among her global clients are professionals at Adobe, Cisco, DHL, Datacom, eBay, Fujitsu, HP, Microsoft, AMP Financial Services, Bank of America, Bayer Healthcare, Scientific Atlanta, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PowerTV, Siemens, Simco Electronics, Stanford University, Sun Microsystems, Wells Fargo Bank, Xerox PARC, NASA, Lockheed Martin, City of Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, East Bay Municipal Utilities District, State of Texas Comptroller, Santa Clara Office of Education, New Zealand Earthquake Commission, Auckland City Council, Waitemata District Health Board, Fletcher Building, NZ AID, and NZ Inland Revenue Service.

I always had challenges promoting myself and recommendations. When I worked with Athena, she was able to pinpoint the exact beliefs and actions that were holding me back. She helped me increase my executive presence and be more influential. Within six months of the program, I received a promotion into a much more senior role.
— Vice President, Bank of America

Registration for the Event

We would love to have you join us for the Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact Program on September 13-15, 2019 in Newport Beach, CA.

This comprehensive program includes the September workshop, all meals, group coaching calls before and after the workshop, your personalized Leadership Strengths Assessment and Report, an individual executive coaching session, workshop materials and a 90 Day Action Plan.

Early Bird Rate $2,995.00 Register by August 15, 2019

Full Rate $3,495.00 Register after August 16, 2019

Team Rate $2,495.00 Teams of 3 or more

Give us a call at +1 424.406.1690

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