Many leaders feel overwhelmed and unable to create the results they truly desire.  Schedule your curated VIP Day to re-set your leadership focus, strategy and plan quickly so you can get back on track.

Leaders in today’s ever-changing, competitive business world have to deal with many different challenges – from change and uncertainty to lack of team performance to unacceptable bottom line results.  

Often they have a strategic vision but don’t know the steps needed to achieve it, or are too busy with day-to-day activities to work on that vision.  Sometimes they lack the resilience mindset to reach the next level of leadership.

Uplevel DNA offers intensely focused VIP Days that allow you as a leader to work on specific areas of your development and vision.  Working privately with a highly experienced facilitator and executive coach, you will have a sounding board in which you can brainstorm, strategize, plan and implement ideas and practices that will lead to definitive and sustainable results.

What you’ll get from participating in a VIP Day with us:

  • Renewed focus, commitment and passion

  • Refined ideas to build out your strategic vision and plan

  • A solid action plan for yourself and the people you manage

  • Rapidly accelerated leadership development (days vs. months)

  • A way to recharge yourself and build resilience into your mindset

  • The option for monthly personal coaching after the session is completed

We design and implement your VIP Day specifically for you.  We integrate strategic leadership, change management and resilience (using neuroscience, mindfulness and embodiment practices) so you’ll get the most out of your session.  We address specific feedback from your managers, teams and other key stakeholders.  We hold these VIP Days over the course of one, two or three days in a beautiful location that is most convenient for you.

We’re ready to design and deliver a VIP Day that will help you reach new levels of leadership success. 



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