Uplevel DNA Mastery: Upgrading Your Leadership Operating System

Leaders in today’s world are facing bigger challenges, larger projects, tighter deadlines, greater pressure, faster change, and more people counting on them than ever before.  Without a strong Leadership Operating System and a set of tools and practices to guide them, they could fail to meet their goals and may struggle in their role.

To become the best leader possible, you need a system that will quickly strengthen your Leadership Operating System.  You must address your challenges in real time, using a time-tested, proven methodology that will accelerate your results.  You don’t have time to experiment and tweak; you need to apply something that will work now.

Uplevel DNA Mastery will help you upgrade your Leadership Operating System quickly.  It offers powerful tools and practices to remove blocks and old patterns, expand your leadership capacity and be more strategic, agile, resilient and effective as a leader.

In this program, you’ll apply everything you learned in Uplevel DNA Core to build your momentum.  You’ll strengthen your Leadership Operating System by cultivating your authentic leadership presence, taking consistent action towards your vision, and generating powerful, sustainable results for yourself and others.

In Uplevel DNA Mastery, you won’t just learn how to become a better leader.  You’ll be the leader you’re meant to be – embodying real, powerful, expansive leadership in everything you do.  You’ll apply practices and take steps every day to help you achieve your ultimate leadership vision.

Program Outcomes

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Apply the content from Uplevel DNA Core to strengthen your Leadership Operating System and build your momentum

  2. Apply the practice of strategic leadership to improve your communication, increase buy-in and execute your strategic vision

  3. Apply the practice of leadership presence to improve your decision making and improve all your stakeholder relationships

  4. Apply the practice of agility to be more responsive instead of reactive and to better lead change initiatives

  5. Apply the practice of leadership resilience to skillfully handle adversity and crises to produce better outcomes

  6. Develop a customized action plan for yourself that will start generating the results you want for yourself and your teams

What Actually Changes After the Program

  • You know how and begin taking decisive and consistent action to accelerate your results (with the support of an executive coach)

  • You embed a new Leadership Operating System into your everyday leadership activities and overall vision

  • You are more present and mindful as a leader, so you can quickly assess situations and people to create better and faster outcomes

  • You are highly responsive to all challenges and situations, rather than being reactive to them, so you can deal with problems and issues quickly

  • You are more at choice, resourceful and practiced, so you can fully embody leadership in all situations and with all your stakeholders

  • You have a powerful toolkit to access key leadership principles, practices and information whenever you need them

Who Is It For

  • CEOs

  • Senior leaders

  • Project managers

  • Managers responsible for organizational growth


Online Leadership Programs

Uplevel DNA Approach


Integrating neuroscience, neurobiology and methodologies focused on how leaders learn, this powerful and comprehensive program will help you build momentum as a leader and create the best possible results for you and your teams in the shortest amount of time.

This program is offered onsite or online over the course of two days or two months. If you wish, you can receive one-on-one coaching from an expert executive coach after the course is completed.  And you have the option to take individual courses in any area where you want to deepen your experience.

What’s Included in Your Program


Uplevel DNA Mastery Online Program

You’ll get all the tools and strategies to become a more strategic, visionary, effective leader so you can generate the results you want and accelerate your organizational growth.


Development of a Personalized Mastery Leadership Roadmap

You’ll build a customized roadmap that incorporates your new leadership mindset, vision and leadership strength so you have a clear direction and strong action plan for yourself and your teams.


60-minute Executive Coaching Sessions

You’ll have two one-on-one phone coaching sessions with an executive coach to apply your learning, make adjustments as needed and sustain your momentum from the program.


Weekly Q&A Calls

You’ll join an executive coach and other leaders for weekly conference calls to problem solve, receive additional support and gain new insights and ideas to ensure your ongoing success.


Daily “Bite-Size” Actions


You’ll receive daily texts with simple techniques and ideas to shift your thinking, sustain your actions and continue creating desired results for yourself, your teams and your organization.



Schedule a strategy session to discuss your leadership challenges and determine how having a Leadership Operating System will assist you in being a more effective and successful leader.


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