Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersions

Many leaders feel overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities and are unable to achieve the results they truly desire.  The Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersion offers a quick and effective way to help you reset your focus, refine your strategic vision, create your plan and accelerate your leadership.

If you’re experiencing change and uncertainty in your organization, insufficient bottom-line results, inadequate team performance, personal stress and overwhelm, or any other leadership challenges, it’s time to do something new.

Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersions were created just for you to uplevel your leadership quickly.

Working one-on-one with an experienced executive coach over the course of one or two days, you will:

  • Identify blind spots and blocks that are debilitating you and keeping you stuck then learn how to overcome them

  • Understand the power of pausing and resetting as a way to build your leadership capacity

  • Learn the key elements of sustainable leadership, including strategic thinking, agility and resilience

  • Create an entire roadmap and a list of specific action steps to accelerate your leadership development

  • Start getting substantial and sustainable results for yourself, your teams and your business!


The Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersion offers a concentrated, powerful dose of brainstorming, strategizing and planning.  It’s like getting three months of expert personalized coaching in one or two days!

What you gain

  • Renewed focus, commitment and passion

  • Refined ideas to build out your strategic vision and plan

  • Rapidly accelerated leadership development (days vs. months)

  • A way to recharge yourself and build resilience into your mindset

  • Clarity and motivation to uplevel your leadership skills and capacity

  • A clear, robust action plan for yourself and the people you manage

  • Measurable, sustainable results for yourself, your teams and your organization

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What The Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersion includes

  • Customized pre-work packet

  • One-on-one coaching session before your one- or two-day intensive

  • 1-2 days of hands-on coaching, brainstorming, strategizing and planning

  • One-on-one coaching session after your one- or two-day intensive

  • Proprietary Uplevel DNA methodologies and leadership best practices

  • Optional monthly personal coaching after the session is completed

Who this is for

  • Senior and mid-level leaders

  • Leaders responsible for organizational growth

  • Managers

What makes it different

  • Blends key methodologies and practices, including neuroscience, neurobiology, mindfulness, somatics (whole-body learning) and high-performance coaching

  • Enables leaders to meld self-awareness, readiness, presence, mindfulness, resilience, vision, strategy, planning, coaching and support

  • Integrates Uplevel DNA’s executive advisory capabilities in leadership development, organizational change, collaboration, innovation and engagement.

  • Offers one-on-one coaching with an executive coach who has worked with thousands of leadership worldwide for more than 20 years

What participants are saying:


I didn’t believe we could actually accomplish a lot in a day and, wow, was I wrong.  One day spent with Athena moved me light years ahead in my leadership. I had insights about myself, my blind spots and what the bigger picture.  I left with an action plan. I look forward to doing these on a quarterly basis.
— Vice President, Adobe
The two days I spent with Athena in Maui were unbelievable.  I was at a juncture in my career where I either needed to step up or step out.  She was able to help me create a compelling vision, solid strategy and a way forward.  We discussed key decisions that affect myself and my family. We also talked about challenges with my team.  I am grateful for her guidance and excellent coaching.
— Managing Director, Charles Schwab

Next Steps

Schedule a strategy session in which you will discuss your current leadership challenges and identify potential solutions that will make the biggest difference for you so you can become a more strategic and successful leader.


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