Promoting Yourself and Your Ideas: Grow Your Visibility and Leadership

New ideas are the lifeblood of successful companies, and being able to develop and promote them is key to good leadership.  As a leader, if you’re reluctant to promote your own ideas, downplay your contributions or are uncomfortable with self-promotion, it could be reflecting badly on your leadership and detrimental to your and your teams’ success.

At Uplevel DNA, we work with you to acknowledge your leadership abilities, cultivate your ideas and connect with your authentic voice so you can promote yourself and your ideas with ease and polish.  When you share your ideas, insights and recommendations with authenticity and confidence, your stakeholders will listen and take action.

In this engaging, interactive program, you will gain powerful tools to effectively promote yourself and your ideas to people within and outside your organization.  You will become more visible as a leader, enjoy the process of self-promotion and generate much better results.

Program Outcomes

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Tap into your authentic voice so you can speak more effectively about your ideas and vision

  2. Identify the difference between “bragging” and “embodied sharing,” and how the latter can help you build trust and buy-in

  3. Use mindfulness to interrupt fear or anxiety so you can get your ideas heard and understood

  4. Gain new strategies to handle resistance, respond effectively and create positive outcomes

  5. Develop a plan to put your learning into action and become adept at all areas of promotion

What Actually Changes After the Program

  • You change your mindset so that promoting yourself and your ideas becomes a valuable part of your leadership

  • You build greater trust and confidence among your teams and colleagues so you can get quick buy-in for your ideas

  • You can quickly put your ideas into action to Uplevel your leadership and organizational growth

  • Your ability to develop and promote ideas adds to your ability to innovate and strategize – making you a better overall leader

Who Is It For

  • CEOs

  • Leaders

  • Project managers

  • Product development

  • Innovators

What’s Included in Your Program


Promoting Yourself and Your Ideas With Ease Online Program

You’ll get all the tools and strategies to become a more strategic, visionary, effective leader so you can generate the results you want and accelerate your organizational growth.


Development of a Personalized Leadership Promotion Roadmap

You’ll build a customized roadmap that incorporates your new leadership mindset, vision and leadership strength so you have a clear direction and strong action plan for yourself and your teams.


60-minute Executive Coaching Sessions

You’ll have two one-on-one phone coaching sessions with an executive coach to apply your learning, make adjustments as needed and sustain your momentum from the program.


Weekly Q&A Calls

You’ll join an executive coach and other leaders for weekly conference calls to problem solve, receive additional support and gain new insights and ideas to ensure your ongoing success.


Daily “Bite-Size” Actions


You’ll receive daily texts with simple techniques and ideas to shift your thinking, sustain your actions and continue creating desired results for yourself, your teams and your organization.



Schedule a strategy session in which you will learn the core qualities of resilient leaders, identify the one that will make the biggest difference for you and two actions you can take to be a more resilient and successful leader.


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