What if every person felt they could initiate change in their own life and in the world?

So many of us don’t see ourselves as leaders, or don’t think we have the power to foster significant change in the world.  But the fact is we are all leaders, all facing and moving through change in our lives.

If we understood this, if we consciously acted as leaders and if we worked with like-minded people on our collective goals, we could indeed initiate the change we most wanted and the world most needed.

One Million Leaders is being established as a non-profit organization to provide the space, tools and practices for the next generation of leaders to join together and engage in discussions and projects related to change.

In these conversations, leaders of all ages work together to connect with their purpose, create a compelling vision, build a strategy, set goals, and implement change in their own lives, in their communities and in the world.

We are committed to people coming together, across generations, to talk about things that really matter.   

One Million Leaders’ retreats enable participants to:

  • Step out of personal fears, doubts and limitations
  • Begin to see what else is possible in their lives and in the world
  • Identify challenges they can overcome and opportunities in front of them
  • Create a clear roadmap enabling them to initiate change
  • Work with others to make change happen

The program allows participants to learn and grow together to create and sustain much-needed change.

One Million Leaders Across Generations

We work with people at every stage of their journeys:

  •  Youth already in a leadership role or wanting to step into bigger roles and initiatives
  • Adult leaders who want to share their journey with youth and support them on their paths
  • People who wish to support leaders and their visions with their time, energy, ideas and funding

The Time is Now

Global change is happening more rapidly than ever.  Yet much of this change is of the negative kind, moving us away from instead of towards human harmony and planetary health.  One Million Leaders brings people together to consciously foster positive change on every level.

This initiative was created because:

  • We need more transformation to make our world a better place
  • We need to learn and grow together across generations, not in isolation
  • We need more people standing in their purpose, vision and personal power in the world
  • We need to acknowledge and promote our interconnection with each other and with our planet
  • We need to know that we are leaders, we can initiate change, we matter and what we want matters


Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi