New Leaders Series

If you’ve recently accepted a new leadership role, are preparing to begin this role or have just started it, it’s essential that you create a strong foundation right away so you can be effective in your role and start creating the results that are expected of you.

Most new leaders are not immediately prepared for the added responsibilities and complexities of a leadership role.  They have difficulty quickly adapting from being a key contributor on a team to leading one. They must be able to learn and apply various new skills, including spearheading projects and managing numerous relationships.

As a new leader, you must be able to:

  • Step into your role with a solid plan and a roadmap that outlines what needs to happen in the first 90 days

  • Have a clear set of priorities and guidelines enabling you to act and move forward adeptly

  • Keep your managers and stakeholders informed of your and your teams’ progress

We’ve curated a set of programs that are specific to new leaders and can be delivered online or onsite.  Our programs are based on 20+ years of experience working with thousands of leaders and leading organizations worldwide.  Go here to view some of our case studies.

At Uplevel DNA, we:

  • Integrate proven methodologies and contemporary leadership practices that work together to help you achieve the highest performance and best outcomes possible

  • Deliver our courses as a series of programs that will enable you to build and apply your skills in real-time – so you can start seeing results immediately

  • Guide you to produce deeper insights and greater impact, at both a professional and personal level

You’ll also work one-on-one with a coach, getting support and direction during the first months of your leadership role.  This will help you accelerate your learning and ultimately ensure that you reach your greatest potential as a new leader. Go here to learn about our approach.

As a new leader, you need specific skills, focused effort and a solid methodology to navigate change and challenges, to be strategic and resilient, and to maximize your performance.  Our programs for new leaders will get you started on this path.

Below are Uplevel DNA’s programs designed for new leaders.  The duration of each course is one month. By taking all four courses, you’ll have a strong leadership development foundation that you can leverage throughout the year.


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