Executive Coaching Programs

When you’re serious about generating quick and measurable results, we will collaborate with you to quickly accelerate your leadership development.

In the Uplevel DNA Executive Coaching Program, you will:

  • Gain impeccable/strategic focus to close the gap between strategy and execution

  • Shift how you are leading to promote more new thinking and innovation

  • Develop the leadership capacity to thrive in a high-growth environment

  • Build your resilience to manage change, complexity and ambiguity skillfully

Drawing on cutting-edge methodologies – including neuroscience, psycho-neurobiology, optimal performance coaching, design thinking, mindfulness and somatics (whole-body learning).  Blended together, these modalities offer an emergent synthesis of the most potent and effective coaching techniques and tools available in leadership development today.


Who it is for

As a CEO, senior leader and/or innovator in your organization, you’re responsible for helping drive your organization’s growth and success.  You need to secure support of key stakeholders, build team trust and handle change and volatility that comes with your role.  You need an executive coaching program that will help you gain and implement strategic focus, innovation practices and growth initiatives.

This proven and dynamic coaching approach helps you clarify your vision, align your talent with your culture and business objectives, and develop the focus, insight and leadership capabilities needed to drive more and better results for yourself, your teams and your organization.


What we focus on

As always, strategic focus, innovation and growth are at the forefront of our work together.  

After helping you identify your goals and vision, we work with you to gain the tools and methods you need – offering you the support and direction along the way – so you can reach your greatest potential as a leader.


Online Leadership Programs

After you have completed the preparation packet, you will schedule a call with your coach to discuss which specific focus areas will be most critical for your development.  Some of the areas we’ll focus on with you include:

  • Strengthening your leadership vision and strategy to ensure results

  • Evaluating your executive presence and leadership brand

  • Overcoming blind spots and other obstacles holding you back

  • Understanding how to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities

  • Managing stress, pressure and change with our powerful practices

  • Creating a solid leadership roadmap to meet your goals

  • Focusing, inspiring and creating accountability in your teams


How it works

The Uplevel DNA Executive Coaching Program will enable you to achieve the level of performance and transition into the type of leader and that you know is possible.

The program includes:

Planning Call  - Discuss your situation, expand your perspective and identify the focus areas that will increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Leadership Assessment - Explore strengths to leverage and areas to develop in your leadership (drawing from existing assessments you’ve completed and/or using our internal assessment process).

Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions - Identify key goals, opportunities and challenges then build out your Leadership Roadmap and a 90 Day Action Plan.

Monthly Executive Coaching Calls - Ongoing coaching, brainstorming, support and accountability to achieve your goals and overcome roadblocks.

Curated Resources - Your executive coach will develop a set of resources specific to your goals and Leadership Roadmap in the domains of strategic focus, innovation and growth.

Leadership Toolkits - You will have access to our online toolkits designed to build your leadership capacity quickly in a convenient mobile format.

Athena has an amazing ability to get the core of the issue rapidly, focusing on the really important, and nudging me gently but firmly into the right direction. Her work has changed my life (and that of my co-workers). I highly recommend Athena for anybody seeking to further themselves in their leadership core.
— Florian Vollmer, Chief Experience Officer, InReality

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