Cultivating Leadership Resilience: Expertly Manage Pressure and Change

Change, stress and pressure could derail you as a leader – causing you and your teams to miss goals and underperform. To operate at a high level and lead others effectively, you need a high degree of resilience to handle the most trying and uncertain situations.

At Uplevel DNA, we work with you to create a “resilience mindset” as a leader. You’ll gain specific practices drawn from mindfulness, neuroscience and somatics to address difficult situations and quickly build resilience.  You’ll also learn to:

  • Use effective coping strategies and integrate new responses to stress

  • Understand how to use disruption, pressure and adversity to your advantage

  • Avoid disempowering situations, activities and roles

  • Effectively guide others through change, uncertainty and other challenges

Using proven practices and tools, you’ll be able to handle virtually any challenge, reduce stress for yourself and others, and strengthen your teams so you can achieve better results and growth at every level.

Program Outcomes

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  1. Learn the key elements of the Building Leadership Resilience Model™

  2. Understand how to use resilience to be more successful as a leader

  3. Use a “resilience mindset” to make better decisions and solve problems

  4. Learn how to adeptly handle pressure, stress and change

  5. Address and resolve uncertainty and difficult situations using emotional intelligence

  6. Self-regulate and rewire how you think and act in trying situations

  7. Identify the parts of your life where you’d like to experience change and strengthen your resilience

What Actually Changes After the Program

  • You understand how to actively build resilience practices into your life

  • You adjust your reactions to challenges, pressure and stress – seeing them as something from which you can learn and grow

  • You’re able to facilitate difficult conversations and confidently guide others through change and uncertainty

  • Your overall well-being improves (including better sleep, health and attitude) – which will help you feel more empowered and focused as a leader

  • You are perceived as a more effective leader by your team, colleagues and management – thus generating better results for others and your organization

Who Is It For

  • Senior and mid-level leaders

  • Managers responsible for organizational growth

  • Project managers

Uplevel DNA Approach


Online Leadership Programs


Integrating neuroscience, neurobiology and methodologies focused on how leaders learn, this powerful and comprehensive program will help you build momentum as a leader and create the best possible results for you and your teams in the shortest amount of time.

This program is offered onsite (one or two days) or online (one month) with the assistance of your own executive coach. This course can be standalone or taken alongside our other individual courses in any area where you want to deepen your experience.


What's Included in Your Program


Cultivating Leadership Resilience Online Program

You’ll get all the tools and strategies to build a resilience mindset and expertly manage all your challenges so you can generate the results you want and accelerate your organizational growth.


60-minute Executive Coaching Sessions

You’ll have two one-on-one phone coaching sessions with an executive coach to apply your learning, make adjustments as needed and sustain your momentum from the program.


Personalized Leadership Resilience Roadmap

You’ll build a customized roadmap that incorporates your new leadership mindset, vision and leadership strength so you have a clear direction and strong action plan for yourself and your teams.


Weekly Q&A Calls

You’ll join an executive coach and other leaders for weekly conference calls to problem solve, receive additional support and gain new insights and ideas to ensure your ongoing success.


Daily “Bite-Size” Actions

You’ll receive daily emails with simple techniques and ideas to shift your thinking, sustain your actions and continue creating desired results for yourself, your teams and your organization.


Next Steps

Schedule a strategy session in which you will discuss your current leadership challenges and determine how increasing your leadership resilience could help you in becoming a more effective and successful leader.


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