Firm Partners Re-chart Their Course and Save Their Company with Revitalized Strategic Direction

Project At A Glance 

Uplevel DNA worked closely with two partners who were experiencing the loss of a major client and a standstill with their business operations, management strategy and sales efforts.  With strategic guidance and direction from the executive coaches, the company was able to navigate change successfully and facilitate sustainable results. The business re-charted their course and set the path for newfound direction and engagement.

The clients generated significant results by revising their business strategy and their marketing and sales plan. They began receiving successful revenue growth within six months, as well as increased employee retention and enhanced teamwork and communication throughout the company.


Two partners  in a professional services firm approached us after annual sales dropped from due to the loss of a major client. They had developed a reputation in the industry as innovative thinkers capable of producing new ideas for their clients. The business partners had a standstill with their business operations, management strategy and sales efforts.

They were highly frustrated, scared and in danger of closing the firm they had built over the past ten years. Their employees felt the stress of the precarious business operations and were quickly becoming disengaged. Their quality of work diminished and they became adversarial with clients. In fact, two of their key team members began seeking employment elsewhere. The business partners were unsure how to proceed and save their company.


Through their work with Uplevel DNA, both partners were able to clearly see that their overall business strategy no longer fit with their marketing and sales efforts. Furthermore, they realized that they needed to re-engage themselves with a new direction before trying to motivate their employees.

With the assistance of our Uplevel Executive Coaches, they began charting a new vision, a revised business strategy and an updated sales plan. In addition, they looked at ways to manage these upcoming changes with more ease to inspire themselves and their staff. With this newfound direction and engagement, they quickly secured two new accounts and began building their revenue back up.

They also were able to retain the two employees they thought they had lost. Within six months, they had returned to their previous revenue levels - feeling inspired, engaged and passionate again.


Through strategic collaboration from Uplevel DNA and the business partners, their company achieved significantly improved business results and they developed new capabilities in leadership, agility, innovation and resilience. Through the implementation of their revised business strategy, they experienced higher levels of engagement with their employees and clients, as well as receiving greater productivity, efficiency and retention. The following results were achieved through the company’s transformation:

  • Revised business strategy to address new market opportunities

  • Updated marketing and sales plan

  • Enhanced teamwork and communication throughout the firm

  • Retention of two key employees

  • Successful revenue growth within six months

  • Implementation of Business Consulting Services

  • Development of Strategic Plan

  • Identification of Sustainable Work Practices