International Manufacturing Company Uplevels Their Leadership Capability and Employee Engagement Through Strategic Program


Project At A Glance 

An international testing and manufacturing company was experiencing employee turnover, low workplace efficiency and strained employee-management relationships. They were expanding their laboratories in the US and China and sought guidance from Uplevel DNA to improve customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Uplevel DNA developed a strategic program for the management team and crafted a solution to accommodate their challenges by implementing an employee satisfaction survey, creating “perspective shifting” for managers and employees, developing learning forums, and introducing stress management practices.

The implementation of this strategic program resulted in the development of a Management Action Plan, as well as customer service and stress management practices. The company experienced an increase in lab manager productivity, a substantial cost savings and improved employee and customer satisfaction throughout the organization.


An international calibration testing and manufacturing company, headquartered in the US, was expanding its laboratories in the US and China and needed accelerated growth with its management

capacity to improve customer satisfaction and employee morale.  The company experienced the following challenges:

  • Falling employee satisfaction scores

  • Employee turnover

  • Strained employee-manager relationships

  • Low employee and workplace efficiency

  • High levels of stress for managers and customer service staff



As Uplevel DNA planned the program, we developed a strategy to expand the capacity of the lab managers, improve employee productivity and renew the bond between management and customer service.  Since the company had a distributed workforce with laboratories in the US and China, we crafted a solution to accommodate this challenge. The following areas were addressed when our program was delivered:

  • Strengthen management by introducing our model and new skills

  • Implement employee satisfaction survey to pinpoint key issues and actions required

  • Create “perspective shifting” for managers and employees to better understand each other’s role

  • Develop learning forums for managers and customer service staff to foster greater interaction

  • Introduce five daily stress management practices for the managers and employees



As a result of the program, the client discovered renewed commitment from its managers as they incorporated the model.  The company also experienced strengthened employee-management relationships and increased employee satisfaction scores. Additionally, they reported lower levels of stress and improved collaboration across the company.  The following results were successfully achieved through the program:

  1. Management Action Plan to clarify challenges, skill development areas and lab strategic plans; Estimated 32% in lab manager productivity (from COO figures)

  2. Implementation of new management practices specific to customer service staff; Estimated annual cost savings US$620,000 (based on salaries, recovered time and calls)

  3. Implementation of stress management practices within labs; Impact reported: improved employee and customer satisfaction