Global Software Company Skillfully Navigates Change with New Offices in India

Project At A Glance 

The coaching executives at Uplevel DNA closely collaborated with the VP of a well-known global software company to successfully design, plan and implement change within the organization. Initially, they were faced with many challenges as they expanded their services in India, including communication barriers, international processes and project management concerns.

Uplevel DNA developed a year-long management program to skillfully guide them through positive change, and with the implementation of these change initiatives they were able to improve productivity company-wide, enhance cross-cultural communication, and develop multiple training programs to expand collaboration and innovative thinking throughout the company.


The VP of Software Development at a well-known Customer Relationship Management software company was required to expand the company's services in India. They were faced with the challenges of international processes, cross-cultural communication styles, complex project management and diminishing productivity. The client’s team, while strong and effective when based in the US, became less effective as they worked across multiple time zones and cultures. The client contacted us to develop a year-long management program and to implement team-specific, cross-cultural training programs that could be delivered to the company's workforce in the US and India.


Uplevel DNA collaborated with the client to understand their corporate objectives, expansion plans and management challenges. A training plan was developed to map directly to annual reviews and goals. The year-long management program, which involved virtual team management, leadership practices, project management and managing for results, was initially rolled out in the US, and later delivered in two other locations abroad.

In addition, cross-cultural communication courses were offered as "work sessions" for employees in US, Europe and India. As a result of these trainings, the company's managers and employees established new and more effective communication practices, improved virtual team collaboration and significantly increased productivity company-wide. After working together for over two years, the client reported that our "end-to-end methodology delivered results that far exceeded our expectations."


Uplevel DNA worked closely with the client to plan, support and implement transformational change in the organization through successful change initiatives. By building a solid plan to equip the leaders with tools to guide change, they were able to address the challenges they were facing. The following results were accomplished upon completion of the year-long management program:

  • Improved team productivity company-wide (client estimate of 16%)

  • Enhanced cross-cultural communication between US and India

  • Significant cost-savings by reducing international meeting time ($420,000 in six months)

  • Expanded collaboration, knowledge transfer and innovative thought

  • Implemented Business Consulting Services

  • Developed multiple training programs

  • Managing for Results Training

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Training

  • Virtual Team Management Training