City Municipality Builds Team of Strong Managers Utilizing Uplevel Methodology

Project At A Glance 

Uplevel DNA worked closely alongside the City’s Training and Development Department to create relevant and innovative approaches to the content and delivery of these training programs with the intention of addressing their challenges.

By implementing a highly interactive “work session” format for their upcoming management classes, the Uplevel DNA provided the guidance the City needed to initiate leadership-driven content over a 3-year period.

These powerful actions that were taken to uplevel the City’s leadership perspective resulted in an expanded leadership capacity for city employees and teams, increased employee engagement and participation, as well as inspiring the development of additional training programs.


The City's employees had previously received management training, and the Training and Development Department was now searching for new, more relevant approaches to address their immediate and imminent challenges. The students in these trainings indicated that they needed more situation-specific training that would facilitate communication and problem-solving across departments. The City contacted Uplevel DNA to design and deliver new programs to include in their current management curriculum.



Uplevel DNA collaborated with the City to create a highly interactive "work session" format for the upcoming management classes, bringing special emphasis to accelerated learning and real-time problem-solving. The content and delivery of these programs, over a three-year period, focused on leadership development, meeting facilitation, communication skills and project management.

As a result of the classes, the City's managers learned to lead projects from conception to completion, interact more effectively with employees and colleagues, and effectively resolve interdepartmental issues and difficulties. Once the classes were completed, the client recognized Uplevel DNA as "an invaluable resource to the City and its employees."



Uplevel DNA developed unique methodology that allowed the City to take on a new level of leadership and strategic communication within the department. Through the implementation of this new, innovative format that Uplevel DNA brought to the management classes, the City’s managers were able to enhance their leadership to generate optimal performance.

By taking these powerful actions to uplevel their leadership perspective and capability, the City produced the following results:

  • Expanded leadership capacity for city employees and teams

  • Increased employee engagement and participation at work and in class

  • Developed multiple training programs

  • Managing for Results Training

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Training

  • Sustainable Work Practices