Accelerating Engagement, Performance and Business Results for Broker in Financial Sector


Project At A Glance 

Uplevel DNA collaborated with the client to accelerate her performance and client engagement, which ultimately led to quick and measurable results including a US$2M increase in revenue. Blending together optimal performance coaching, design thinking, mindfulness and somatics, the client was able to take her business performance to the next level.

The client generated significant results by accelerating her productivity, expanding her client network, and increasing her revenue, while producing deeper insights and a greater impact at both a professional and personal level.


A mortgage broker and investment specialist was facing challenges with her overall performance, financial growth and client engagement.  While very successful in her work, she felt that she had not reached her full potential and was seeking new ways to sharpen her skills and utilize new practices that would reduce her stress level and accelerate her business results to get her to the next level of performance.  She was experiencing the following challenges:

  • Stalled work performance resulting in lost revenue

  • Limited client base and depth of client relationships

  • Stress and frustration with work challenges

  • Physical exhaustion and lack of well-being



Through her participation in our program, the client developed a compelling vision and solid strategy to address her performance challenges, improve her health and grow her revenue by 25%.  Implementing this program, she planned to:

  • Increase her productivity in her professional and personal life

  • Strengthen the quality of her client relationships and expand her network

  • Implement a personal health program to renew her energy

  • Introduce mind-body practices to her day

  • Build a supportive community to foster and sustain her growth



As a result of her involvement in our program, the client improved her overall well-being and accelerated her work performance.  Uplevel DNA helped her to implement methodologies that shifted her into being more strategic so she could take on more productive and sustainable actions. She completed the program feeling renewed, energized and motivated to take her work to the next level.  

Specifically, she accomplished the following:

  1. Re-negotiated her work arrangement to increase productivity and ease; Client estimated 50% increase in her productivity

  2. Strengthened her client relationships and expanded her network with 10 new contacts; Projected revenue increase from new contacts US$1-3M

  3. Significant improvement in physical and emotional well-being; Client impact reported: decreased stress and expanded ease


Thank you for working with me at such a criticlal time in both my professional and personal life. Your coaching was instrumental in turning my company around. I now feel focused, on point and ready to grow to the next level...with your assistance, of course.”
— J. Westford, Broker