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Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact

  • Newport Beach, California (map)

Women leaders face many challenges in today’s world.  They are often part of outdated, biased, parochial systems.  Occasionally they have to prove themselves above and beyond what male leaders do.  When they first take on leadership roles, they sometimes must battle an “imposter syndrome,” wondering if they have what it takes to succeed in these roles.  And they often don’t make progress fast enough to suit their peers and/or organizations.

The truth is, many models of leadership, especially where women are concerned, are outdated.  You must redefine how you see and apply leadership as a woman.  You must use new leadership principles and practices.  You must strive for new goals and achieve new results. You must step into your personal power so you can truly influence others and create the impact you desire.

Given the right opportunity, you can gain new insights, learn new skills, be more decisive and take new actions that will transform your personal and professional life for the better.  You can shift from having a glimpse of your personal power and your leadership potential to fully embodying it and living from it every day.

We are bringing together like-minded women from different countries and backgrounds for Women and Leadership: Cultivating Your Presence, Influence and Impact this September.  When you participate in this program, you will learn with, share with and work with other powerful women to envision and create a better world together!