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Top Three Challenges Women Face When Influencing Others

Many of today’s influencing models are outdated and are not designed specifically with women in mind.  They fail to take into account how women leaders typically think, act, communicate and collaborate in the business world.  The “game of influencing” instead often involves models focused on how men communicate and use power. Thus, standard influencing tools and strategies are limited, inauthentic and ineffective for most women leaders.

 Women leaders today require a new approach to understanding people and situations that will ultimately generate better outcomes and a more positive impact for everyone involved.  Women want and need access to these well-rounded models so they can operate most effectively within them, while also adding their own wisdom and their own distinct approach to influencing.

In this webinar we will:

  1. Discuss the main challenges women leaders face with influence (it’s not what you think)

  2. Explain how to identify these challenges in your daily interactions and work situations

  3. Uncover new approaches to addressing and overcoming these challenges

There will be live Q&A throughout the webinar.


Athena Williams, Founder and CEO of Uplevel DNA, will be the facilitator for this webinar. She brings passion and commitment to leadership development and coaching, with over 20 years of experience working with women leaders. Her expertise spans leadership development, large-scale organizational change, culture, engagement, talent management, and collaborative innovation. Her clients include leaders at Adobe, Cisco, DHL, Datacom, Fujitsu, Siemens and Stanford University. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Uplevel Code, to be published in late 2019.

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