Want High Performance? Then Pause and Reset

You're almost through the year. Maybe you are hitting all of your goals and are on track. Maybe you are off track and behind on your goals. Either way, it’s critical that you take time to pause and reset.

Unfortunately, most leaders do not take the time to step back. You may find that you are focused on pushing ahead, getting to the end goal at all costs. Yet, the secret to achieving high performance and the results you want is to take a moment to pause and reset again and again.

There is power in being able to pause and reset on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. With a robust process and a set of important questions, you can gain insight and course correct quickly.

Here are three questions that will help you pause and reset.

1. What are you most proud of?

Ask yourself what you are most proud of for yourself, for your team, and for your organization. Leaders typically focus on the problems or what is not working yet, when you look at what is working and what you are proud of, you open up a new perspective and can build high performance more easily.

2. What are you most disappointed about?

Take time to explore where you are frustrated or disappointed. This will give you a clue as to how to improve performance. Did you miss a goal? Was there a challenging conversation that did not go well? Were you passed over for a promotion? Notice your disappointment then use it to identify what you would do differently going forward.

3. Where are you stuck or procrastinating?

Notice where you are stalling. Is it a project deliverable, a challenging meeting or a difficult conversation? When you can pinpoint where you may be stuck, you are able to address it so you can move forward. This frees up energy to create high performance more quickly. While this may seem simple, many leaders have a list of things they are procrastinating on and it causes them a great amount of stress.

Pause. Reflect. Reset.

I recently worked through this process with an Executive Coaching client and he said “I always resist slowing down and reflecting but when I do, it is really helpful to see the patterns that are at play with my team.”

As we started going through these questions and a few others, we found that there was a strong link between his leadership “blind spots” and the areas where he was disappointed and procrastinating. He had a pattern of avoiding difficult conversations with the CEO based on a dynamic they had developed over the past three years.

Unfortunately, that often held him and his team back from being high performers. When he was able to see this pattern, we were then able to identify new strategies going forward. It was only in the “pause and reset” during our coaching that this would have been found.

If you're interested in taking time to pause so that you can be more effective and create a clear strategy going forward for the next quarter and the upcoming year, contact us to schedule your Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersion.

About Athena

Athena Williams, Founder of Uplevel DNA and Executive Coach, has been facilitating leadership retreats for individuals and organizations for over 18 years. Her powerful, impactful approach creates deep and sustainable transformation within a short time. She is currently hosting retreats virtually, onsite and in select locations where clients fly in for their retreat, the Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersion, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maui or Auckland, New Zealand.