What Is Preventing You from Upleveling Your Leadership?

High impact. High performance. Upleveling. Are you committed to being a better leader? Want to fully embody your leadership in new ways through your thoughts, words and actions?

So, why is it so hard to create an “uplevel” and truly make the difference that you desire?

Let’s explore the top three things that I have seen prevent leadership upleveling:

Reason #1

“I have not defined my uplevel yet.”

Most leaders are committed to strong performance yet often fall short; they underestimate what it will really takes to operate at the next level. Wanting to uplevel merely to add another feather to your cap is not enough. It will require your commitment, time, energy and knowledge. It will also require a self-audit to identify the areas you’d like to uplevel and what future you want to create.

Tip: Define your uplevel in specific terms including actions, behaviors and results. Types of uplevels include your leadership, communication, meetings, relationship and projects.

Reason #2

“I have too many fears/concerns to try to uplevel right now.”

Fear will arise once you truly commit to your uplevel. Often fear of the unknown, fear of failure and even fear of success may show up. This is a natural reaction to deciding to play a bigger game. One part of you says, “yes, I am ready, let’s do this” and another part wants to stay safely in the comfort zone and says, “I can think of a million reasons why I should not change.”

I was recently working with a senior leader in a technology company who was preparing to uplevel. Her goal was to expand their market internationally. When we began talking about it, she said, “I am really excited to make this happen” but in the next breath, she mentioned her fear. She said, “I am completely terrified.“

She began to question herself and her goals: “What is that going to mean for me for my health? What is it going to mean for my family and my travel schedule? What is it going to mean for the people I work with?" She pondered questions that could only serve to hold her back.

So, how are your fears showing up?

Tip: Rather than ignore your fears, seek to clearly identify them so you can begin to work with them. For each fear, there is a solution and an answer. Once you address the fears, your excitement will resurface!

Reason #3

“I am not sure I can handle the pressure at the next level.”

Once leaders are able to address their fears, they turn to question their ability to manage more pressure. If you can be strategic and have a plan to manage pressure, you can grow through every challenge that comes at you as you uplevel. If you do this, you will be in exclusive company. Most people do not want more stress or pressure.

Yet, the ability to manage pressure effectively is critical for leaders before, during and after an uplevel. When you choose to play in the big leagues, you must increase your ability to emerge on the other side of the fire. Again and again!

I have found that when you are able to manage pressure skillfully, you give yourself limitless opportunities to uplevel on-demand; whenever you decide you are ready to expand your impact!

Tip: Take time to assess your relationship with stress and pressure. Do you have specific strategies in place to manage pressure? Or, do you find yourself in either a reactive or passive stance when it comes to actively managing change, pressure and stress?

To get you started on your uplevel journey, ask these three questions:

Have I identified what uplevel means to me?

Am I afraid of upleveling? And why?

Do I have the ability to handle the pressure of upleveling?

At Uplevel DNA™, we help you push through whatever gets in the way of your upleveling. Get in touch today.

About Athena

Athena Williams, Founder of Uplevel DNA and Executive Coach, has been facilitating leadership retreats for individuals and organizations for over 18 years. Her powerful, impactful approach creates deep and sustainable transformation within a short time. She is currently hosting retreats virtually, onsite and in select locations where clients fly in for their retreat, the Uplevel DNA Leadership Immersion, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maui or Auckland, New Zealand.