Finishing the Year Strong

As we step into Autumn (or Spring for all my clients and colleagues down under), it’s helpful to reflect now on your progress for the year.  Most people wait until November to think about finishing the year strong but, by that time, it’s often too late.

So, take a moment now and reflect on your vision and goals for this year.  Where are you tracking - missing the goals, meeting the goals or exceeding the goals?  It’s helpful to go through each of your goals and make an honest assessment so you can make some decisions about how the next four months will go.

Beyond assessing your goals, you have an opportunity to change the course of the year now.  You can reflect on your goals then reset for a strong finish. I have seen clients completely turnaround their results in the last few months of the year.  Here are a few strategies to do that.

Review and Reset Your Goals

Take time in the upcoming week to revisit what you committed to at the beginning of the year. Are your goals still accurate? Do they need to be updated? Are there new deliverables? Which of your key stakeholders need to be informed?  Consider your manager, colleagues and team amongst your key stakeholders.

Identify Opportunities for a New Approach

Look across your current projects and assess progress to date.  If you find you or your team has been struggling to meet a deadline or requirement, it may be time to review the approach you are taking.  Often, the goal is absolutely right but the approach is flawed. Take time this month to review each of your projects to ensure you are approaching your work in the most effective way to accelerate progress.

Offer Coaching to Uplevel Your Team

Take time to informally review the performance of each of your team members now.  Look at their key projects and deliverables, progress to date and potential areas for development.  This will provide you with clarity about how best to coach them to finish the year strong. Pick one key skill or shift you think would serve them well in meeting their goals then have a conversation during your next one-on-one meeting to offer informal feedback and coaching.  Many leaders wait until the end of the year during the formal process to do this but it is often too late to actually turn performance around at that point.

Look forward to hearing how you will will finish the year strong!  Reach out if you’d like to schedule your own VIP Day in September or October to identify new strategies for yourself and your team.

Weekly Uplevel Practice

Take time this week to reflect on your 2018 vision, strategy and goals. In addition to the above action, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I proud of what I’ve accomplished this year?
  2. What would make this year absolutely stellar?  What new actions do I need to take to exceed my own expectations for the year?
  3. What new resources or information are needed to finish the year strong?

Answer the questions from both the head and the heart.  You may be surprised by what you find.