Turbocharging Your Q4

Are you ready to have more success and higher levels of performance in the fourth quarter han you had all year? Interested in finishing the year so powerfully people will ask you what you have done to make it all happen?

Or, do you want to have another year where you review your goals and realize you’ve barely met your goals but have not really done anything exceptional? Another year where your team is exhausted and slowly disengaging?

Truth: I think most leaders would want the first scenario (powerful finish) but end up settling for the second scenario (weak finish).

I am passionate about this topic and the process as most leaders leave “performance on the table” in Q4 at the end of the year. They have an opportunity to reignite their own performance as well as the performance of those around them yet, it often becomes a push to just get the goals done and over the finish line. I believe we all have the capability to do more than that.

This past week I’ve had an opportunity to host two leaders for Strategic Planning VIP Days in Los Angeles. Each leader had their own challenges they were facing as the year comes to a close. We spent the day focusing on how to “turbocharge” the end of the year and prepare for 2019. We developed a clear vision for the quarter, a solid strategy to make it happen and then brainstormed what their teams needed to finish the year strong. One of the clients actually races cars so the idea of turbocharging was perfect!

I want to share three simple yet highly effective questions you can ask to create a more powerful finish to 2018 so you can turbocharge your Q4:

  1. What is my vision for a “turbocharged” end to the year?

  2. What would I need to do differently now to make that vision happen?

  3. What is holding be back from accelerating my/my team performance?

By asking these three questions, you will begin to refocus yourself on a much stronger finish to the year.

Look forward to hearing how you will turbocharge Q4!

Reach out if you’d like to schedule your own VIP Day to identify new strategies for your and/or your organization to finish strong. We can get together in LA, SF, Maui, Auckland or Sydney for your Strategic Planning VIP Day!

Weekly Uplevel Practice

Take time this week to reflect on the above questions.

Notice when you are fully engaged, what do you notice in your mind as well as your body. What thoughts arise? What body sensations do you notice?

Also notice when you disengage and when it begins to feel too hard or impossible. What thoughts arise? What body sensations do you notice?