3 Strategies to Handle Lack of Engagement

As we approach the final quarter of the year, it is inevitable that you or your team will experience lack of engagement. The work of a great leader is to notice the disengagement, understand it then introduce strategies to re-engage people.

Some of the more subtle signs of disengagement include: miscommunication, lack of preparedness for meetings, poor decision making, delayed responses and not taking responsibility for goals/results.

Are you experiencing lack of engagement with your team? Here are three key strategies to help you handle lack of engagement to get things back on track.

Identify What “More Engagement” Actually Looks Like

Many leaders want more engagement but they use the term “engagement” as a code word for something else. There are usually behaviors and results they want to see that are not currently happening. So, this week, take time to identify very specific things you want to see from your people (i.e. be more prepared for meetings, negotiate a contract more effectively by doing x, send weekly status reports on Friday by noon, etc.). This will help you be able to coach them and make specific requests.

Re-Connect Them with Their Goals and Bigger Why

Many people start to get tired at this time of the year as we approach the final few months. Yet, this is the time when great things can happen to finish the year strong. So, take time to reconnect yourself and your team to the company and team goals as well as their personal goals. Help them remember the bigger why, the reason why they are doing the work they do each day. This will help invigorate and re-engage them.

Create a Go Forward Plan

Now that you’ve identified specific behaviors and results then reconnected them to the goals and why/purpose, it’s time to create what I call a “go forward” plan so they can feel clear and focused on the next few months. As a leader, it’s important to have a clear plan from each of your people so that you are aligned about what work is getting done and how it is getting done. Invest this time now to ensure results in December.

Look forward to hearing how you will will finish the year strong! Reach out if you’d like to schedule your own VIP Day in September or October to identify new strategies for yourself and your team.

Weekly Uplevel Practice

Here are a few questions about engagement for you to reflect on:

  1. How engaged am I as a leader? How could I increase that engagement?

  2. How will I know if my team starts to become disengaged? What are the signs that are specific to my people and organization?

  3. What one thing can I do each day to build more engagement with my team?

Let me know what you discover with these questions.