Finding Freedom Inside of Constant Change

Many leaders dream of feeling more free in their roles - free from deadlines, free from pressure and free from ongoing demands places on them.  Unfortunately, this is so often the opposite of many leaders’ day-to-day realities. Rather than free, they feel weighed down by their commitments, goals, and metrics. They are overwhelmed with meetings, presentations, and everything else they need to be doing. That sense of energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and ultimately freedom is missing.

What if you could change your perspective about freedom and find it inside of your work as a leader instead of outside (away from work and/or on the weekends)?  

I want to challenge you to consider that you are actually free in each moment to choose how you lead, your communication to others and the results you create.  I understand it rarely feels that way but what if you could shift things?

Finding the spaces of freedom and choice amidst changes actually frees up a lot of energy. It literally impacts both your emotional state and your physical well being by improving your mood, decreasing your stress and building your overall resilience.  

Here are three ways to begin to find freedom inside of change:

  1. Focus on designing the change in a way that creates optimal results rather than “just getting through” the change.  When thinking about an upcoming change, consider how you would design the plan, communication and roll-out to create an exceptional outcome for everyone involved.  What could that look like?
  2. Identify the areas you have choice over rather than only focusing on those areas that feel “out of control.”  Look at all of the aspects of change that require your input and feedback. You will find that you actually have more choice around a change than you imagine.  Even when a change feels it is being imposed upon you, you can decide how you will respond and thrive regardless of where the change was initiated from.
  3. Recognize the potential benefits and upside of a change rather than only focusing on the challenges.  When you take time to identify the positive outcomes of an upcoming change, you are more likely to feel more freedom and inspiration around that change.  If you only focus on the process, you will miss the greater “why” of the change. But, when you stay focused on the benefits and the why, you will get more energy to lead yourself and others towards a strong outcome.  

Each of these strategies will provide a fresh perspective that will help you generate more ownership, choice and freedom inside of change you may be facing.

Stay tuned next month as we launch our new framework and online course Leading Change.  Excited to share that with you!

Weekly Uplevel Practice

This week, take time to reflect on an upcoming professional or personal change and identify one of the strategies you will implement to create more freedom inside of the change.

Then take 15-30 minutes to explore the following questions in your Leadership Journal:

  1. Do I believe I can create more freedom in how I lead change?
  2. How will I know there is more freedom for myself and/or my team?
  3. What beliefs will I need to let go of to actually experience more freedom?

Pay attention to your thoughts and physical sensations as you are reflecting. Let me know how your inquiry goes.