Creating a Powerful Beginning

When you think about your uplevel, you may believe that it’s the outcome—the end, that is—that matters most. Not so! The beginning, and more importantly how you begin your uplevel, is integral to the process. In fact, it is often indicative of how your entire journey will progress!

Exploring how we begin something—anything—will help us to consider the most effective and efficient way to begin our uplevel. So think about it. As a leader, how do you start a new project? A conversation? A meeting? How it is that you choose to enter into the beginning of something? Do you create a powerful beginning?

Unfortunately, a lot of people begin things in a haphazard way. They might get over excited and jump right in without a clear plan forward, without really thinking through what is necessary. On the flipside, they might start from a place of caution and hold back, wait to see what happens, and end up only “sort of” beginning the project without a real commitment. They might also start something out of a sense of obligation or regret instead of promise and enthusiasm.

Either way, these beginnings don’t bode well for your uplevel. You will find yourself constantly trying to catch up, clean up, or get back on track, and that will cost you a lot of unnecessary energy, effort, and frustration.  

A strong, clear beginning (to any project) improves the possibility of a strong, clear ending. When you start strong with clear intentions for your uplevel, you are able to focus your energy more quickly and effectively throughout the process. Deliberate, calculated steps, a thorough plan, and being mindful of what you want to create will get you farther than a haphazard start any day. And that not only helps us, but also helps those around us to understand your overall vision--what is required and how to begin taking action.

So how do you begin things? What is your relationship to beginning something? If your response falls within the flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants camp, I encourage you to take a more deliberate approach to beginning your uplevel. When we are planful and calculated, we can create a different, more effective relationship to our beginnings, one that can positively impact the entire process. When you start from a place of clarity, a lot of other things will become clear along the way.   

Weekly Uplevel Practice

This week’s practice is--you guessed it--to explore how you begin things. Think about how you approach a new project and consider the following:

  • What do you do in the first 24 hours of a project?
  • Do you jump in or hold back
  • Do you involve people or go solo initially?
  • How does that approach apply to what you want to uplevel?
  • How could you integrate a more deliberate and powerful beginning?
    • A very deliberate conversation
    • A specific plan
    • Scheduling time in your calendar
    • A visual that embodies what you’d like to work on

Rather than throwing yourself into your uplevel or holding back, think about what you need to make this beginning a deliberate one.  Include the whole body as you explore - your body, mind, sensations, intuition and feelings.