Laying the Groundwork: Preparing to Uplevel

When I talk to people about upleveling, they love the idea!  Their enthusiasm is palpable. As they share, they get excited and the possibilities seem endless yet, when we talk about taking action, they seem a bit hesitant. Is this you?  Do you love the idea of an uplevel yet find yourself holding back when it comes to taking action?

When we want to substantially increase our performance, results, contribution, and impact, it takes a level of preparation that most people do not expect. We assume we can jump right in and perform at that next level. But it’s rare that actually happens.

Laying the groundwork for your success is key.  Consider all the training athletes undergo for just one game - extensive prep before the game, strategizing during the game and then post-game training protocols.  You need to approach upleveling your leadership with the same commitment to preparation.

Give yourself the space and attention to prepare for the bigger game you want to play. Factor it into the process from the beginning. Without that preparation in place, upleveling can be quite a daunting and frustrating project. That’s why a lot of people quit and go back to their smaller--and far less satisfying--game.

I recently worked with a CEO who was ready to expand his company into two new regions, but his team wasn’t moving forward at the pace he had anticipated. Through our conversations, he took a good look at his team and realized that, while the plan was good, he felt in his gut that they did not actually have the capability to implement it. It was a hard, truth-telling moment. But instead of lamenting his team’s shortcomings, we turned it into a productive starting point, quickly shifting into preparation mode: How could he best prepare his team to launch fully into the plan and be successful?

  • We identified three key competencies that his colleagues needed to develop
  • We created an online program to quickly upskill the team
  • We prepared the team for success from the very beginning

The reality is that we often overestimate our own and others’ capabilities, but good leaders take the time to prepare themselves and their team to take on a big project. They equip them with the tools necessary to succeed.

How are you preparing yourself or your team for an upcoming uplevel?

Weekly Upleveling Practice

This week, we invite you to analyze an upcoming uplevel project and identify what might be required to undertake it successfully. We want you to be fully prepared to step into your uplevel and create the results you want!   

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a clear start date and success measures?
  • Do you have the skills, information, and/or resources necessary to get started?
  • Do I have a solid plan to create the results I desire?

Now, take a moment to check in somatically (using both mind and body), what else do you sense is needed to create a successful uplevel?  Trust the answer(s) that arise.