Why 2018 Is The Year to Uplevel (Not Just Get Better)

When clients say to me, "I want to be a better leader," "I want to have a better team," or "I want to be a better collaborator."

I tell them, "That's a great start but rather than thinking about being better, let's think about an entirely different level of performance and results.  That makes it all much more exciting!"

You can begin by asking yourself:

  • What would the next level actually look like?
  • What new results would I create if I was playing a bigger game?
  • What types of behaviors and skills are needed at that next level?
  • How will I identify and manage challenges at this next level?

This “entirely different level” may also seem like an abstract concept at first, but start by focusing on your vision, your goals, your uplevel. What do you really want?  Where might you be playing small and settling for just getting “better?”

One way to find that clarity is to take a look around at how others you admire are approaching the area you are choosing to uplevel. Are they doing something you can replicate or adapt in order to operate at that next level?

Get specific and clear about your uplevel to create neurobiological benefits.  Staying focused and precise will help you organize your attention and identify actions in the area that you want to uplevel so you can more quickly shift your mindset, performance and results.

So, make 2018 the year you choose to uplevel!  Get clear, design your strategy and let’s make it happen together. Below is a practice to get you started.


Leadership Practice - Clarifying Your Uplevel

Use the upcoming week to clarify your personal uplevel for 2018.  What specific aspect do you want to focus on?  Start by choosing just one aspect and take the time to build out what a full uplevel will look like and feel like.  

Take time throughout the process to check in and notice what is going on with your body.  Are you energized?  Or are you feeling weighed down?  

Use that as a guide as you design your uplevel (hint: move towards the aspects that are energizing you and inquire about what might be needed if you feel weighed down).