Are You Truly Adding Value?

The question of adding value is a delicate one for leaders. On one hand, your role of a leader is inherently valuable as you guide and coach others to higher levels of performance to meet goals. Yet, on the other hand, you probably are not adding the level of value you could.

Before you get upset by my last statement, let me explain.

So many leaders can add much, much more value than they currently are. Consider the last meeting you attended. Did you add a level of value that substantially progressed whatever you were working on? I call this “substantial value?” Or, did you add “marginal value” to the situation?

As a leader, it’s critical that you focus on adding substantial value in every situation you find yourself in. Here are four key questions to help you to begin doing that.

Let’s begin with a few distinctions:

Substantial Value

Adding value to a conversation, meeting, project or situation that accelerates progress, increases impact and moves everyone forward in a profound way

Marginal Value

Offering ideas and insights that are helpful to the conversation, meeting, project or situation but do not move the needle on the overall progress or impact generated

So, take a moment and consider your last interaction with one of your colleagues. Did you add substantial value or marginal value? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did I bring full presence and focus to deeply understand the situation?

  2. Did I identify early in the conversation how I could add the most value?

  3. Did I prepare the other person to receive the value I could add through the conversational flow?

  4. Did I offer my ideas and insights in an actionable manner to truly add value and help progress the situation or project?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you most likely added substantial value. If not, you probably were not adding the level of value you could have.

Now, this may have been intentional (you don’t like this person or prefer to add value to them) or may have been an oversight (I actually didn’t think about how to maximize the value I add to others). Either way, it’s helpful to reflect on if you are truly adding the level of value required of you as a leader.

I would love to work with you to get very clear how you can add more value as a leader and address any of the potential blocks you may be facing right now. As we move through the last quarter and into annual performance review, it’s critical to understand how you can maximize the value you add as a leader.

Let’s schedule a full-day intensive to work together one-on-one to identify how you can add more value as a leader. We can get together in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Auckland or Sydney for your Strategic Planning VIP Day!

Weekly Uplevel Practice

Take time this week to reflect on an upcoming interaction and define what substantial v. marginal value would look like.

Then take time to step through the situation adding substantial value. Notice what you are thinking, feeling and doing? This will give you energy and insight. Try it.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash