Uplevel Your Mindset So You Can Play a Bigger Game

When you commit to playing a bigger game for yourself, your team and/or your organization, everything changes. 

It all begins with your mindset. 

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up already overwhelmed? You start the day thinking, “Wow, today I have to hit my goals AND keep my team motivated AND look toward the big picture, all while being a good leader?”  You may feel defeated before the day has begun.

The mindset you choose (yes, deliberately choose) will support you in playing a bigger game. If you choose a productive "uplevel mindset," you will orient differently to your challenges.

Four key areas that reflect your current mindset and can help you see whether or not you are upleveling your leadership include:

Actions. The way you act on a daily basis to create results and generate impact. Are your actions producing the effects you envision or are they missing the mark?

Communication. The effectiveness of your communication to build collaboration and honest dialogue. Is your communication building alignment or creating disconnection?

Relationships. How you engage with others to generate trust, openness, and understanding creates momentum and tangible results. Are your relationships as transparent, fulfilling, and productive as you would like?

Identity. Now, I’m not suggesting that you radically change who you are. But for you to get to that next level, we need to look your identity and what’s underneath it—the ongoing mindset that you apply to situations, people, and challenges. How do you currently identify as a leader? Do you feel you are effective? What are the areas you could “uplevel” or increase your effectiveness in scaling for higher growth?

By putting focus on each of these areas, you will be poised to play a bigger game.


Weekly Uplevel Practice

Take a moment to review the four areas above.  And ask yourself:

  1. Which area is the most important to begin focusing on?  Upleveling my actions, communication, relationships and/or identity?
  2. What would this change look like for me in this area? 
  3. Am I committed to making this change?

You have an opportunity to improve your leadership from different angles, but you don’t have to tackle them all at once. I invite you to work through these questions and begin to take action this week.