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We use a number of different assessments to assist our clients in improving their leadership performance - both for themselves and their organizations.

These comprehensive assessments offer people valuable insights into their styles, behaviors, attitudes and values. Leadership assessments are powerful tools that support leadership development at all levels.


Executive Dimensions® 360 (Center for Creative Leadership)

Executive Dimensions is a 360-degree assessment that addresses specific leadership issues of senior executives - including presidents, CEOs and senior vice presidents.  It provides people with feedback on critical leadership skills, allowing them to compare their results to other top leaders.  This assessment is designed to generate feedback from board members, direct reports, peers and others, providing skill ratings based on importance and competence.


Benchmarks (Center for Creative Leadership)

Designed for experienced managers, this 360-degree assessment tool measures 16 competencies that are vital for their success, as well as five possible career derailers.  Benchmarks helps people determine what specific work experiences they should seek to develop critical skills, and how to design a plan that links to these experiences.  Participants learn how others perceive their strengths and how they compare with similar managers in other organizations.


Prospector (Center for Creative Leadership)

This 360-degree feedback tool provides feedback on two types of behaviors: 1) the skills most often found in successful executives and 2) the learning behaviors needed to acquire those skills.  Prospector assists managers to improve their ability to learn from experience and engage in growth opportunities.  A comparison of results with other leaders offers people a meaningful benchmark through which they can focus their leadership development efforts.


FIRO Business™ Leadership Report (CPP, Inc)

The FIRO Business™ Leadership Report provides insight into communication styles and behaviors that can affect leadership performance.  The FIRO® approach helps people understand their interpersonal needs and how these influence their communication with direct reports, managers and peers.  The FIRO Report focuses on several key areas of leadership success, including influencing, negotiating, setting priorities and making decisions.


Leadership Report Using FIRO-B® and MBTI® (CCP, Inc)

This report helps clients understand the leadership style they use in organizations and how others might react to it.  The FIRO-B® and MBTI® tools focus on personality and behavior in areas such as communication, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal relations.  The report helps clients use leadership approaches that match the situation and people's needs, and points out how different operating styles can work together in an organization.


Voices® Report (Lominger)

The Voices® Report provides a 360-degree assessment for people at all levels of an organization.  This comprehensive report measures people on skills, competencies, behavioral aspects, performance dimensions and emotional intelligence. Covering strategic skills, courage, drive and other key requirements for leadership, Voices helps suggest developmental opportunities and actions people can take to improve their leadership capacity.



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