We offer the right approach and the perfect blend of elements to take you to the next level of leadership.

Most leaders operate at a similar level of performance throughout their careers, never changing their approach to leadership and thus failing to achieve better results.  They continue to focus on day-to-day responsibilities and deal with particular challenges as they arise – rather than being strategic and agile and engaging at a higher level.

In order for leaders to effectively handle all situations, achieve a strategic vision and reach their full leadership capacity, they can’t simply look to upskill themselves.  They need to upgrade their “Leadership Operating System” (LOS).

At Uplevel DNA, we offer a unique model of leadership that blends four critical elements designed to help you upgrade your LOS and uplevel your leadership.  These four elements, which are at the root of all Uplevel programs, are: Strategic Leadership, Leadership Presence, Leadership Agility, and Leadership Resilience.

When you’re more present, you become more strategic as a leader.  As you implement new practices for yourself, your teams and your organization, you become more agile.  Then, you become more resilient when change, uncertainty and other challenges arise.


This approach and model are essential to everything you do as a leader.  They help you focus on who you are as a leader, encouraging you to work at a deeper level.  Thus, when you add new skills and take on new responsibilities, you have the tools and the foundation to do so.  Once your LOS is updated, you become stronger and more effective as a leader.

The four leadership elements listed above are offered as individual courses. We also offer the Uplevel DNA Core Program and the Uplevel DNA Mastery Program to provide you with the foundation to accelerate your leadership.

All of our courses and programs integrate the unique Uplevel DNA methodologies and practices – including neuroscience, mindfulness, somatics (whole-body learning) and high-performance coaching – to create deep, profound shifts for leaders that generate powerful, sustainable results.